Over the last years, the art world has grown substantially. It has become impossible to get a thorough overview of all the promising, exciting, new and fascinating artwork being created internationally. This development has lead to many new artists and market participants from all over the world streaming into the art scene. As a result, the art world has reached an international state. There is no longer just one place where exciting artwork is concentrated. Today, great contemporary art is being produced in many different places all over our planet. One can never know where to find fresh, substantial, challenging, strong, novel and/or unprecedented artworks. Thus, it is important to seek many different sources and innovative ways to identify stimulating and moving established as well as emerging artists and their pieces.

With my work, I am giving selected established and emerging international contemporary artists, the opportunity to expose their art to a new and broader audience. In addition, I will intensify the dialogue between the continents by introducing exceptional artists and their works to a number of different countries. By realizing this, I will foster an intercultural exchange and dialogue for the artists, their collectors, gallery owners, curators, art critics and further interest groups. I strongly believe that communication, intercultural exchange and dialogue support artists in overcoming national boundaries as well as personal restraints and in broadening their perceptions.

At this stage of my activity, I focus on introducing artwork of established and emerging US-based artists to the German market. In addition to this, I also support established and emerging Germany-based artists in introducing their artwork to the US art scene. With these activities, I want to do my part in intensifying the art-dialogue as well as -exchange between Europe and the United States of America.
In the near future, I plan to also add value to the global art world by introducing evocative artworks of artists from additional countries and continents to various national markets.

I feel that every extraordinary artist who creates exciting, high quality, unprecedented, novel and/or fascinating pieces deserves professional representation that allows the artist to create by providing financial security, time, independence and freedom.

Yours truly,
Steve Herrmanns

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